April 21, 2016

Egg Muffins

Egg muffins for school/work or breastfeeding mamas!  The best snack, or as a dinner.  What you will need:  A greased muffin tray Ingredients:  A dozen Organic Free Range Eggs Handful Organic Cheese 2 Tomatoes (chopped) 1 Zucchini (grated) 1 punnet Mushrooms (chopped) 1 Carrot (grated) Handful Spinach Med Capsicum (chopped) Pitted olives/sundried tomatoes/onion (all optional) Herbs (to taste) Salt and pepper (to taste) Method:  Whisk eggs, and put all ingredients into a mixing bowl. Stir well until egg has coated all ingredients. Pour an even amount of egg/cheese mixture to other ingredients into muffin tray. Cook on 180 until slightly brown. Serving suggestions:  Eat hot or cold! On their own or with a salad and/or roast/steamed veggies.