June 18, 2016

Katie’s Passion for Wellness

Katie Cahill has been ordering from The Organic Butler since Feb of 2016. Even though she has not been ordering for very long, she has quickly become a valued member and contributor of our community, and a loyal weekly shopper. We interviewed Katie to find out a little more about her passions! Tell us about yourself, who you are and what you do? I am a Health and Wellness Entrepreneur, Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor & Consultant for a botanically based vegan certified Health and Wellness Company.  I have recently set up www.katie-cahill.com where I can share all my knowledge in one place! I have a special interest in women’s health, exercise and healthy eating. I am also an ex- PE & Health teacher so exercise and sharing knowledge about movement and a healthy lifestyle has always been a passion of mine. It all sounds very busy I know but it is amazing how much time opens up in your life if you let it! I have in the last year embarked on a personal development journey which has seen me take a more holistic approach to my wellbeing; I live a life by design to create a reality for my dreams – rather than letting life happen to me! This journey has seen our family of four appreciate what we do have, live in the moment more and importantly shift to a life where we appreciate where our food comes from, what products we put on our skin and what household products we use. My favourite thing to do during the […]
May 27, 2016

Talia – Spotlight

Talia began ordering through The Organic Butler (formerly IWorganics) on a weekly basis since March of 2014. Last week we chatted about her family, her goals, and why she is such a loyal community member. Tell us about yourself, who you are and what you do? I am the mum in a family of 6.  My kids, 15, 8, 6 and 3 (about to be 7 and 4) are all home schooled so my day is filled with reading, music, conversation, investigation, exploration, planning, adventures in the great outdoors, learning of all kinds and managing of different activities. I also manage to keep myself busy with the things I love which include; crochet, cross fit, knitting, gardening (in an aim to grow some of our own fruit and veg), sewing and hiking. Oh and food. I have a background in hospitality and I LOVE good food! My eldest has a rare genetic condition so I also spend much of my time managing his medical needs. As a result of his condition I have become a member of the board of directors for a new charity organisation called FOP Australia and spend time planning and organizing fundraising activities as well as medical events. On top of that, I also assist my husband with running his plumbing business while embarking on my own business venture as a thermomix consultant. I became a thermomix consultant as I wanted to show others how cooking can be easy, manageable and quick, even though everything is made from scratch. Why are you so passionate about an organic lifestyle? What or who inspired you? Honestly. Organic just makes […]
May 13, 2016

Sasha’s Ethical and Environmental Considerations.

Sasha has been ordering through The Organic Butler (formerly IWorganics) on a weekly basis since February of 2015. For 9 months when she was pregnant with her daughter she took a break (as she was quite sick) but has returned to ordering on a weekly basis since Feb 2016 with a renewed passion for organic food/The Organic Butler. Last week, I invited her to tell her story.   Tell us about yourself! (Who you are, what you do, etc) Before having kids I was a business lender for a bank. I have 2 beautiful children, my son is 2.5yrs and my daughter is 5mths old. My hobby is cooking healthy meals for my kids that I know what’s in them and that they are sugar and preservative free.   2. Why are you so passionate about an organic lifestyle? What or who inspired you? I love supporting local Australian family farmers and believe that we need to make a change as all the chemicals used in farming are poisoning our native animals and water ways. The problem with chemicals is that they just continue to build up over time in the soil and take so long to break down. Farmers can make a profit growing organic produce – let’s support them as best we can. 3. What is your favourite dish/recipe to cook at the moment? Something your whole family loves! Veggie muffins These are great for school lunches or morning or afternoon tea and getting extra vegetables into picky eaters. 3 cups of grated OB vegetables (zucchini, broccoli, spinach, carrot, corn, capsicum etc) 1 […]
May 5, 2016

Jodie S – How eating organic became a necessity and not JUST a choice.

Jodie has been ordering through The Organic Butler (formerly IWorganics) on a weekly basis since July of 2014. This morning I thought I’d give her a call and have a chat about why organics is so important to her and if she has any tips for others in the community. 1. Tell us about yourself! (Who you are, what you do, etc) Before having kids, I was a primary school teacher. I have two little girls (2yo and 4yo) who both have sensitivites to environmental elements and food. Because of their struggles, I started a new journey to health and wellness. Instead of teaching primary school children, I now teach others how to eliminate toxins, and teach them how to use tools such as Doterra essential oils and kinesiology which will help them to take control, find balance, build confidence and feel better about looking after their own wellness and vitality.   2. Why are you so passionate about an organic lifestyle? What or who inspired you? I’m inspired by my daughters, Neve who is 2yo and Quinn 4yo. Quinn was born 6 weeks premature with an underdeveloped digestive system. When she started on solids, she began to react to wheat and dairy. It was a struggle, but I eliminated the trigger foods, and she was okay. When Neve was born she had even bigger sensitivities. She was solely breastfed and at just 2 weeks old, she started to react. I couldn’t believe it. Even though the foods were filtered through breastmilk she still reacted to nuts, dairy, wheat and eggs, whenever I would eat them. I eliminated those foods from my diet, […]
April 27, 2016

Kim S’s Tips To Having An Organized Kitchen

This fridge had us all inspired in the community group this week. So I asked Kim S to write a few words to help the rest of us be as organized as she is! Kim has been ordering from The Organic Butler (formerly IWOrganics) since July 2014, and is a vegan. She has organization down to a fine art! I like organised. I have always been this way. My mother loves to tell everyone about how, as a teenager, my bedroom was a disaster area but my drawers were always immaculate. Then having 5 kids in the space of 7 years, I had to be organised. I have a few things I like to try to live by: – A place for everything and everything in its place. – Do a little, a lot. Maintaining this in the kitchen is quite simple: Organise – To be able to see what I have and easily get to what I want. Store correctly – To get the best possible storage life out of what I buy. Rationalise – If I aren’t likely to use it, then I don’t buy it, or if its in my cupboard but never used, get rid of it. Clean often – Regular frequent cleaning is so much easier and faster then a big infrequent clean. Do what works for me – It may not be perfect or it may seem strange to some, but if it works for me, who really cares. In the kitchen I simply cannot function if everything is not clean, tidy and organised. […]